Lost Vale, new and improved

lost_valeMy Lost Vale reunited for the first time since the updates last night to jump on into this dungeon and see what new and exciting ways Mythic had created to kill us. Or more accurately, what things had Mythic fixed so that the bosses could no longer be bugged out and cleared in less than three hours. So, around 8 PM EST, our intrepid group of adventurers hoped a boat-ride to dangers of the vale.

Overall, the zones plays and feels much the same as it did before, just slightly tweaked. The west wing didn’t seem any more difficult and we died on one boss in there, the Bestigor with the pink musk scents on the ground. Some of the other members of our group weren’t used to being off of the cliff above him, safe from having to dodge the musk-clouds, but second go, and we had him flat. Our tank, which is fully warded up, said that the bosses were definitely hitting harder, but it still didn’t prevent any problems for us. The final spider boss we took down on our first try, but I will say, it did feel more difficult to find a nice spot to wedge myself into so the knockbacks wouldn’t send me half way across the world. Whether this was just a lapse on my skill, a lack of judgement, or actual changes to the game world’s geometry in that fight, I won’t comment.

The east wing was a tad more difficult, and we did face a few wipes as we made our way through. The first two bosses presented no problem, but the Butcher did prove to be somewhat more complicated. No longer being able to bug-out his gnoblar, and having to deal with the enrages that happened because of this proved a problem because of this. After our first wipe, and run back, we decided to have our Ironbreaker take the gnoblar, let me DoT him on the initial pull (then focus on the butcher), and every 20-25% of the Butcher’s health we knocked off, to kill the gnoblar, who then respawns and we do it over again. This worked flawlessly, and I think we were all happy that we were able to finish him off “legit”. Gorak proved to be a bit of a pain in the ass as well, it’s a pretty standard fight, except for his damn lighting blasts. It used to be you could see where the blasts were going, but it looks like they changed it up, and one just spawns under everyone’s feet. Best bet for him now is to detaunt as soon as he does his knockback, and keep everyone spread out, this will help a ton in reducing the damage those electric fields put out and allowing the healers breathing room to cap everyone off. One wipe to him, but didn’t have to run back thanks to the Rune Priests self-rez. Lastly for the east wing was the Worldbearer, we died twice, first because I was a dumb-ass and tried to stay close enough to use my 45′ skirmish abilities (bad idea), and the second time because a healer crashed. The way to kill him is still identical from what I can see, burn him down as fast as you can, and get out of the AoE when he flashes, ignore the healers. Bonus: his healers don’t seem to do squat comparatively, they only healed him for 18%.

We could have finished the entire zone, but at this point it was 10:45 pm, and group members in different time zones needed sleep. Those few wipes we had, and experiments with different strategies really added up after a bit. This weekend we’ll be tackling the middle wing and hopefully finish that off rather quickly, and I’ll give another dry update on how that place works, and what needs to be done to get through there.

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