Third times the charm

d1200lucky-s-bar-postersAnyone who has been paying any sort of attention to this site for the last few months will remember that I’ve been on a dry spell as far as advancement goes with gear. The small population of my server, and the devastating affect that AoE has had on the campaign in general has ground PvP gear progression to a screeching halt. On top of that bag of awesome, I’ve had zero luck finding any Lost Vale groups with any regularity. Until last night, I’d been in the zone a total of two times. The first time, my group ran the west wing just fine, and the second time, we did west and east, never wiping until the Worldbearer. My experiences had been fun, but ultimately, not fruitful, only coming out with one piece of Dark Promise gear, the boots.

Last night, that all changed.

After running errands with the wife (getting paint to put on our new bookshelf built-ins), I got home, grilled some food and drank some beers, then sat down to see what was going on in WAR. Much to my delight, I had a group invite waiting for me as soon as actually made it in game. The invite was from my good buddy in another guild who runs three LV groups, one for each level 40 he has, damn over-achiever, I’ve only got two!  In any matter, I instantly clicked “OK”, and asked with much hope and wishing that he would answer, “Yes”. My dreams came true, and were further enhanced beyond what I expected when I was told we would be doing all three wings.

The sheer joy at being able to experience new content, with a group of people who I knew played this game to the fullest of their ability. So, thanking the gods at my good fortune that someone bailed on his regular group, I ran there, quick like a bunny, and waited patiently in Avelorn for the rest of my group to show up.

In no time at all, we were in the Vale, and ready to reap destruction upon any who would try to heed our path to free the Everqueen. We moved through the zone like death incarnate. Nothing stopped us, or could even slow our progress. With the calm efficiency of a practiced surgeon, we cut our way through each boss with ne’er a hiccup. In under an hour, we had claimed victory and made our way to the east wing. In just around an hour from that time the Worldbearer would fare no better than the Spider.

I was about to encroach upon new territory, the center wing, which I had yet to even take a glimpse of. Eager as a school-boy, I raced to keep up with my group as they machine-gunned there way through this familiar landscape. A calm certitude in their ability to handle every road block thrown in their way. A certainty born of experience, and time spent working together. Even my foreign presence was easily assimilated, so sure of my ability to adapt and quickly perform the task I was intended for: shootin’ every enemy bastard in the face that I could. Without any further troubles, we entered the chamber of the Everqueen, ready to kill her captor.

The fight was by far the most difficult I had yet to face in the game, and it required a surprising amount of work from even myself as a damage class. We had some troubles the first handful of attempts, primarily due to purple or blue orbs being bugged out and unable to be picked up by the tank or healer. Perseverance pays off in time though, and we accomplished our goal, killing the evil witch who dared to encroach upon the domain of the elves. With much joy and happiness, I had finally completed the most difficult dungeon currently in game.

The icing on the cake to all of this? I walked out of the Vale, with four more pieces of Dark Promise gear. I am now 5/6 of the entire set, missing only the shoulders to complete the set. My group was shocked at my luck, but also happy for me, as they know I’ve been ready to do this for months now. The best thing of all, is that I may now have a permanent spot with this group, as the person who I was subbed in for may not be around in the future. One person’s misfortune has been a huge boon to me.

It’s amazing how much my feelings can turn around in one simple night about this game. The possibility of being able to actually advance in some way has livened my spirits, and made me more able to endure the trepidations and troubles this game currently is going through, and make my way happily to the future where things are sure to be more promising.


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2 Responses to Third times the charm

  1. Kash says:

    Vegas loot system. When its bad it sucks but when its good its very very good 🙂

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