WCP-Eye on you, pt 4

wcpilogovisual2Well, going to do another round of blogs here, hopefully, I’ll avoid any overlaps from previous posts.

Lagwar’s Slurm has come late to the party, but we’ll let him in anyways.

Healer at Heart, has found the resting place of front-man Paul Barnett.

Tyrhoor, at WAAAGH Roots wants to further the discussion on our favorite in-game Easter Eggs, in spirit of the upcoming holiday. It should be noted that I found WAAAGH Roots by going through WAR Underground, a truely impressive site full of recent podcasts from the community at large, and a Gorgeous banner running along the top for all to enjoy.

A large congratulations, and “Welcome to the club” should go out to Urp, over at Cry me a RvR, who just hit 40 a few days back.

Girl IRL takes a slight divergence from WAR, to check out the architect system in CoX. Which really reminds me to head over there and take a peak at it myself. So, on top of your great writing, up-front and frank reactions to the game, and an interesting perspective from a female gamer, thanks for the reminder!

I can’t seem to ferret out any other new members to the WCPI that I haven’t already talked about, so I will take this moment to remember those who have left Warhammer, or who have just stopped blogging. Bred for WAR was an interesting site that I was sad to see throw in the towel, I was genuinely surprised to see Bugman’s Best throw in the towel, and I was even more sad when MetroGamer stopped posting, though he hasn’t officially called it quits yet.

So, to all those still with us, thank you, and to those who have drifted away, I think I can speak for the community when I say, we understand. Blogging can take a lot of work and dedication that at times can be just too much to commit to in all of our busy, and hectic lives, I know I have been near to quits multiple times as well, and have only remained with it out of some twisted masochistic ideology. Best wishes to you all.


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2 Responses to WCP-Eye on you, pt 4

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the mention. I’m not sure how the missions work, if they’re cross server or whatever, but if you are looking for one to test out mine is called “Rescuing the Boss”. I think it shows up on the second page of search results, and the creator is @Vilenka.

    Like I said though, no idea on whether they appear across servers or are server specific.

  2. Xerb says:

    Thanks for the mention. I have added you to my blog roll and if you like to dabble in radio sound bites I’d be happy to post up an add for your site on my radio.

    Thanks again,

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