Wow, I’m really picky

i-choose-youI’ve been poking around for a destro guild on the Iron Rock server for a while now, and I found one that piqued my interest. They were from the same origin server as I started playing on originally, and Ungrim will always have a special place in my heart, and they seemed promising. Maybe I’m an egotistical bastard, but I see myself as a gamer as a huge asset to any force I join, and that probably shows a bit in my applications. When I post one, I often post questions to go along with it, I don’t want to hop from guild to guild until I find the right one. I will put forth the effort at the start to find a good group of people who I can really enjoy my time with.

You can see the evidence in my play history so far with this game. I’ve played on the two sides, and have had two guilds. The Schism, and Enigma. The first thing I did when I came back to looking at destro, was to see if my old guild was still around. They are around, sort of. The guild leader and a good portion of the population dipped out to return to WoW. In a way, this makes me happy, because it lets me know that they weren’t in it for the long-haul or that it just wasn’t the group of people that I needed to stick it out with.

So, as I said, I finally found a group of people that have potential. Black Talons. This is the meat of what I posted in my application/questionnaire TO THEM.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

An active guild. I’d like to see at least two full groups of level 40 players on at prime time, in ORvR. I’d be okay with 9 people, and settle for six. Less than that, and it’s not much point in being guilded.

A vent server. If there’s not voice communication, the level of coordination I find necessary to be successful is prohibitively difficult.

A website that is at least moderately active. People that actual read and communicate on the message boards. It brings a large sense of camaraderie and is just a good tool to bring people together and towards a common goal.

A non-bloated membership. This goes partially in hand with the first point, having 180 members doesn’t mean squat if you can’t get them to play together, I’d rather have a guild of 50 people that constantly forms 12 mans, than a group of 100 that gets 12 mans. It means that you’ll be playing with the same people more consistently, and be better for it.

A guild that has members actively advancing through the game. My biggest problem now is being completely unable to advance my Shadow Warrior any further due to inability to find an LV group and the dead-heat that RvR has made on Fortress captures.

Personality-wise, I’d like people who are easy to get along with, can joke around, don’t mind vulgar language, or crude humour.

I  hope that my impressions of the guild is correct, and these are the people I’m looking for to play with on the side of destruction. Am I too picky, or not enough? Would you consider those above points to be standard expectations?  What’s a deal-breaker for you when looking for a guild? I know I probably should have added to that message the heavy importance I put on RvR over PvE, but it will come up if I ever talk to an officer or something.


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3 Responses to Wow, I’m really picky

  1. theerivs says:

    Black Talons Seem like a really solid guild, I wish you best of luck!

  2. Grimnir says:

    Wouldn’t worry so much about bloated guilds. People that play often are likely to be the ones on Vent anyways. Seems to me, every ten people recruited into my guild, 2 people jump into the vent, and 1 will register on our forums. All the rest are taking up space for sure, but they’re not hurting anything. You get to know the people that are active, not the ones that take up a slot on the roster.

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