Bought damn time


I don’t know about your server, but on mine, it’s a freakin’ standstill. We’ve had a grand total of 4 city attacks, if my memory serves. I also believe I mentioned before  how the new hotness is to open up a Fortress for attack, and then farm belts. Tokens, as they seem to be getting implemented, are a huge boon to my server, and may bring back life to this game for me. A large portion of my frustration has been an inability to advance in ANY aspect of the end-game. PvE dungeons, RvR campaign, or gear progression. All of these avenues have been blockaded on my road to uber-ness.

There are a few questions that I want to get answered, and I hope will as I read through all of the responses. Holistically though, it’s a great change to the game. It provides more options to the player, and I have always been a long-standing proponent of options, particularly when the existing system has proven to be limiting or sluggish in it’s intended role. It’s the same conceptual thinking that lead to the zone domination system, and in this regard, I applaud Mythic for recognizing a problem, and taking appropriate actions. I just can’t help but wonder though, if this had been implemented from the start, how many damn tokens would I have at this point? I’ve lost count of the times I’ve helped flip a zone, captured a keep, or taken a BO.

The possibilities down the road that a system like this open up is not something to be overlooked either. Perhaps the Barter system will allow for an upgrade of sorts? Want to go from Annihilators to Conquerors, well maybe you can get a discount for turning in your existing piece along with the tokens. What about weapons? Please, for the love of all that is right and good in this world, let me get upgraded weapons. Most people run around with whatever purple weapon of choice they can get from influence rewards, and never see a new one. Not all of us have the blessings of the LV gods, and would like to see a marked increase in our damage that has been capped by the trickle of weapons out there.

So please, everyone, go to that link, and comment on what you do and don’t like about the system. Give them (Mythic) the feedback they need to make this an incredible system that will benefit all of us. Let them know they’re doing the right thing in this case, and where they can make it a bit better. Maybe, perhaps, by letting you combine common medallions into rare medallions? Whatever, just spitball with whomever might be reading and contribute!


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