stop-whiningI’ve been complaining.

A lot.

I’m sorry, I’ve turned into a whiny little bitch about the game. Whatever the reasons, it doesn’t justify it.

So consider this my official apology note to anyone who’s actually stayed here to listen to me bitch like a spoiled little girl who didn’t get the right colored pony for her birthday. But daddy, I wanted a palomino damnit!

I’ll make every endeavor to not sound so angry and depressed anymore. The truth of the matter is simple, this is a great game, with a great crew of people who put their all behind it. They are consistently coming out with new things for the game, and it is continuing to evolve, which is right and good in the industry. I may be frustrated with the Shadow Warrior at time, and feel neglected, but holistically, the game is only approving.

This message brought to you by the Governator.


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5 Responses to Apologies

  1. Itnas says:

    While whining isn’t a good thing, considering the way things are going and what the class you picked as main is performing I would honestly give you a free ticket for been bitching about the game. As a SW brother in arms I know how you feel about it, and even tho I have almost shelved my SW for real and just focuse on my slayer… lets hope mythic ends up listening to teh SW comunity and we start to see some light at teh end of the tunel.

  2. Brendan says:

    I hear you – having a blorc as my main. I have a lot of complaints and see a lot of my anger and disappointment reflected in your posts. And I know you have it worse, since the only class I seem to be able to do anything against is the SW.

  3. shadowwar says:


    Thanks man, I know you feel the pain as much as I do, and I know that a good portion of what I say is justified, but it doesn’t disgust me any less that I look at what I’ve been saying, and I just sound like a petulant child


    Thanks for the words of comfort, I’m glad that you can find something to relate to here.

  4. Nosmo_King says:


    Gotta tell ya, I prefer whining to the fake ‘Gotta look happy for the camera, little Suzy’ type stuff. If you don’t want to whine here on your own blog feel free to come whine your eyes out on my blog as my comment section is becoming a bit bare of late. Love to have ya, love to hear it.

    Whine? Yeah, I got a warehouse of Crackle Barrel cheese in the cellar for ya.


  5. Slurm says:

    Hey, don’t feel bad man. I’m usually somewhat negative in my postings as well. The last post I put up I was actually trying to be more positive and attempt to say that I didnt think Choppa’s were super overpowered like people make them out to be. So what happens? I get a negative comment about my post hehe.

    Just keep writing what you feel and all will be well. =)

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