Needing Justification

draftsSo, in this ever downward spiraling economic market, people and companies are tightening belts and budgets everywhere. Yesterday the president of my firm held a meeting with all the designers, project managers, and staff (basically everyone but field crews) to announce that to help the company get through these slow times for the construction industry, and to help everyone keep their jobs, we’re all going to four day work weeks until something turns around and we get some big projects we’ve been bidding on. So, once I get over the frustration at the downturn the economy has taken, and my complete and utter faith in the government being able to do anything useful about it, I accept the reality and move on.

The first part of that acceptance is trying to figure out where my wife and I (who just started our fourth month in our first house) can cut back and save money. One of my first thoughts are of my Warhammer subscription. My wife is awesome, and hasn’t even mentioned it as a possibility, because she knows how much I enjoy video gaming. However, I know the level of frustration I have with the game, and the Shadow Warrior class in particular. So I’m currently figuring out why I should keep my account up and active. Why keep spending money that may be better used elsewhere at this current time, when all I seem to be getting out of it is frustration and a broken heart? Sure, relatively speaking, MMOs are a cheap hobby, and we won’t be strapped for cash, we’ve been paying all our bills without trouble, and have been able to put a little bit aside as well, so it’s not as if we need to immediately start chopping off all of our extra-curricular expenditure, especially given the nebulous state of the economy. Things COULD pick up next month, or they may not for the next year. How can I honestly sit here and say, “Yes, $15 a month for something that raises my blood-pressure, and that I log on for 10 minutes a day for is a good use of my time.”?


Don’t be surprised if you see my post calling it quits, I’ve had one written up and waiting for a while now, just so I don’t have to go through the effort of writing something up if it ever happens. Damn Boy scouts and their “Be Prepared” crap.


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2 Responses to Needing Justification

  1. Grimnir says:

    MMO’s are by far the cheapest source of paid entertainment one could have. You should ask yourself not, why should I stop playing WAR, but what would I do if I stopped playing WAR?

    I recall a post some time ago about the cost of RL hobbies vs. the cost of virtual hobbies. Essentially it boiled down to two factors. Time and money.

    RL costs more money for less time.
    Most activities are done on a weekly basis for 2-4 hours, and per session cost of ~15-30$ a shot. Some group activities, team based ones at least, require you to continually show up.

    Virtual costs less money for more time.
    Most activities are done upwards of 5-days a week with a monthly shot of 15-30$, and are not bound by terms of responsibility (unless you’re in a pretty hardcore guild).

    If I go out bowling, or playing pool, or darts, or see a movie (dinner usually included), I can easily spend 50$ a night. When I play WAR, to start is 15$ a month for the sub, 10$ a month for the 25-man vent server, and maybe a 12-pack of Pepsi every 3-4 days. Figure around 2$ a day, every day. Even if I took a random day or two off a week, the cost would rise to around 3$ a session of gaming.

    If you want to talk about being fiscally responsible, you’re already on the right path. Now you just need to get your wife to play, and get those costs up to 4-5$ a day. Less than a pack of smokes.

  2. Katherine says:

    Start experimenting with free-to-play style games. Or games that are free to play after the one-time purchase of the box. Find your alternative before you quit to stop all the problems that Grrrimmmmnnirrr mentions above (can’t even select his name to copy and paste it; I really dislike mouseover pop-ups).

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