There are a ton of changes to the way stats are affecting combat in this game. They won’t be going live with 1.2.1, but the intent is to implement them sometime in the near future. It’s good stuff, will lead to more defensive options and diversity in playstyle. BW/Sorceresses will no longer be “ZOMG 1200 int, wtfpwnbbqsausrofl!”. If they want to live and still those crits going off, sacrafices will be made. Makes me happy at least, and think it may allow me some options so that my underpowerdness won’t be so completely obvious.


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2 Responses to Stat!

  1. Nosmo King says:

    Where is this information posted?

  2. shadowwar says:

    Ha, good question, thought I linked them in post, but apparently not:

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