So, it’s here. The patch notes for 1.2.1.

Yay, keep upgrades. Aren’t we all bursting with excitement? Aren’t we all jumping up and down in glee, unable to contain our overwhelming joy and optimism that this will bring to us all? I know I am! *dripping sarcasm finished*

Honestly though, it is a good system, and I am happy about the variety it will bring to the game. But, you know, I still can’t help but notice that in the careers portion, Shadow Warriors got one line of notice. I know, this wasn’t a C&C patch, but still…one? Only one? I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad, the Black Guard, Black Orc, Engineer, Ironbreaker, and Sorceress only got one line of lovin’ a piece as well.

Still waiting to be hopeful.


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3 Responses to 1.2.1

  1. GRimnir says:

    How could you not be excited about the keep system? Did you miss the part where Gold Bags drop from keep defense? Granted, it’s for the defending Guild, but hey, that gives my guildies a reason to get our lazy asses into RvR when our stuff gets pounded on. I’m excited for sure. /no dripping sarcasm included

  2. shadowwar says:

    I’m super excited about getting gold bags I’ve been done and over with for more than a month now. Unless those bags are going to start giving Conq or better gear, I don’t care much.

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