Quizat Haderach

duneWell, maybe Paul Atriedes won’t be found in this genre of game, but the more iconic figure of sandworms might be making a conceptual appearance. Mythic is continuing to show love to all the other bloggers out there and increase my insane jealousy of them by sending out awesome flash-drives with the WAR logo and amazing sneak-peaks of the upcoming Land of the Dead.

Lucky Bastards.

The hardest part of this post? Which Dune reference picture do I use? The classic, but less-true-to-the-source movie poster? The newer SciFi and far superior as far as story and adherence? Or the always funny lolcat worm poster? One shows I recognize the roots and have the cult-cred thing going. The other demonstrates my love of the books and respect people who stay true to source material when recreating other people’s work in a different medium. The last just shows I have a sense of humor. So, when you think blogging is easy, think of the decisions we have to make just in choosing a picture.


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2 Responses to Quizat Haderach

  1. Regis says:

    …why not just show the original book cover? Most of the movies are crap, but the books… ah, the books…

  2. shadowwar says:

    I really liked the SciFi versions of the Dune and Children of Dune, but yeah, the original book covers would have been great, but I’m afraid I’m too young to remember the books when they were released. I do remember watching the original movie as a kid though (to give you an idea of my age).

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