Oh, but it’s hard

witch-hunterI’m trying not to be insanely jealous. Really, I am. Mythic is making it more and more difficult as time goes by though. First I see Engineers getting nothing but mad-love, and everyone and their sister squabbling for lack of them. They want magnet pullers, and crazy AoE grenades. Visions of Napalm flash in their eyes. Now Bright Wizards are fuckin’ ridonculous. We had a group in one warband of five Bright Wizards and one Warrior Preist. They wrecked house, and not only melted faces, but the bone beneath the face as well. I saw puddles of destruction players evaporate into the air it was so god-damn hot in there. I can live with this, I’ll be unhappy, but I can live with it. So, maybe I’m lowest on the totem-pole of ranged damage classes, well, at least I can compete with Witch Hunters… oh wait.

See with the release of 1.2, now WH and White Lions are able to sneak into keeps/fortresses through postern doors. Oh, and the damage of the WH has been pushed through the roof. Our guilds most vocal, and arguably, one of our servers best WH is really starting to chip at my ego. Not intentionally, no, no, it’s his casual comments, which makes it that much worse. When we’re running around the field, and I hear him say something along the lines of, “Awesome, I just crit that tank for almost 3k damage”, or “Holy shit, new record, 4k crit!” my soul starts to shrivel up and die a little bit. If this was happening only once every so often, maybe I could handle it as well, but it’s all the god damn time. AND he gets to go stealth, AND sneak into defended buildings to make healers and enemy RDPS wish they were never born.

Someone please, PLEASE tell me why I’m playing my class again? I thought it was to do consistent crazy damage from a distance and maybe, maybe, have a bit of CC. As things stand now, I’m nothing that this class was supposed to be, and a lot of things it was not.


I love this game, but I really feel like my class has been betrayed. The desire to continue on with something that is proving to be nothing at all like advertised is really starting to wear thin on me.


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7 Responses to Oh, but it’s hard

  1. Skarbash says:

    I know exactly what you mean. My chronic altaholism has left me crippled in many games. I would get to a plateau and look longingly at another class and see how they’re yucking it up and having a blast and I’d reroll and reach that plateau again only to find yet another to enviously gaze upon.

    It sucks. Sometimes it is almost psychosomatic though. You think you’re doing crappy and see other people topping damage charts, getting more killing blows, or seeming to last longer in the thick of a zerg while you’re eating dirt and gauging the taste of the sediment versus the taste of grass in your daily diet. Other times the concerns are certainly legitimate – your class is in an awful state or was just the recipient of ‘balancing’ and does not perform to the level you have become accustomed to.

    With classes like the Archmage and the Shadow Warrior I certainly can feel your plight. But you read the boards and you hear endless lamentation from any of the classes you’re thinking of. For Engineers it is “Zealots heal through our AE DoTs and shrug us off as a nuisance” and for Witch Hunters they long thought of themselves as tertiary class citizens (although I think they came out of their recent balancing smelling like roses in comparison to the Chernobyl that occurred to the Witch Elf).

    But I digress – I certainly empathize with your situation as a Shadow Warrior. Hang in there.

  2. Natali says:

    It doesn’t depress me that much that I would quit, although it IS impacting my ability to get anywhere near loot bags during keep/fortress sieging. Which… is disappointing. What this should herald is the campaign to give us TWO swords. Not just the one. It was in the sodding trailer! GIVE US TWO SWORDS. Stab stab stab!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I sympathize with you completely. Before the game launched, all the designers kept saying that Sorcs would give the best, most amazing direct damage of anyone in the game, but so far I’m seeing a huge imbalance between sorcs and BW, and other ranged damage dealers (SH, magus, engineer) are out-performing Sorcs, at least in scenarios. I agree with Natali, two swords for SW!

    On an unrelated note, I love the picture you chose for this. I’m a huge James Purefoy fan and can’t wait for Solomon Kane to come out.

  4. Glen says:

    As a magus I feel your pain.

  5. Jason says:

    I know the potential is there, but you have to be willing to try new things. On the very first order fort siege success on my server (Phoenix Throne) I was able to get #1 in contribution, and #1 after the roll (by luck). I consistently am able to get 3-5k damage on single targets with the right combos. This is all post 1.2.

    I hear you though. Duels are damn near impossible. And you pretty much have to respec every time depending on the class you are attacking. Stay strong tough, I have never played this class to be the uberest of uber, but instead because of its appeal.

  6. Mirko says:

    @ Skarbash. I can’t believe that someone else is just like me! You won’t believe how many toons i have, i can’t seem to get over the rank 25 and it’s so frustrating!! i have a rank 23 marauder on k8p and a rank 20 WH on Eltharion (EU), a rank 10 WP, a rank 7 Slayer and SW, a rank 4 Choppa, a rank 16 Zealot, a rank 19 BO, and a rank 11 Chosen.. can u believe it?? i’m a fanatic! i can’t keep one toon and level it to the max!! but i have to admit that my very first char was chosen for destr and a WH for order.. the chosen got lost along the way but the WH survived.

    i just want to add, don’t be jealous on the WH, they do enough dmg but die v easy, especially from 3 choppas AoE. I can’t tell u how many times Zealots pissed me off as i wouldn’t seem to be doing enough dmg to them even with silence. in scenarios WH are easy bait, they die pretty easy, but on open rvr 1 vs 1 they are v nice, except when meeting a tank or DoK. I am pretty happy with my WH as long as i don’t get raped by choppa AoE or, and it’s times like those, that i wanna start a tank toon and outlast anything!

    An open rvr server is the greatest thing i could ask for my WH, as i can hunt happily in the woods for healers or ranged dps.. i’m sorry if i killed any of u while leveling on open rvr, but hey that’s the risk u took when u chose the server.

  7. shadowwar says:


    I don’t know, after playing my DoK a bit, I’ve been getting just destroyed by WH in 1v1. There must be something that they get in the higher levels that really pushes them over the edge. I suggest sticking out on one of your characters, and see what it’s like to play at 40, you may be surprised at how fun it can be. Don’t forget, all during development, the mantra from the devs was, “The game starts at level 40.”.

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