Chicken or the Egg?

chicken-eggSo, this week while I was sick, I was able to get some gaming time in. A lot of gaming time actually. Don’t really have anything better to do than sit around and read the forums, play the game, and pray to the porcelain god that whatever virus had invaded my body leave quickly. Our server had their first assault on a city on Tuesday with the release of zone Domination. Destruction orchestrated (though they deny having plans ahead of time) a great late night assault and zone locking that lasted well into the AM hours, when the majority of people are asleep. So, of course there is much heated argument over at our servers forum on WHA. Retaliation is a bitch though, and on Thursday, Order bit back.

It started when I woke up, drenched in sweat, to a stomach that didn’t want to settle. I hit the kitchen for some medicated relief, cranked the fan on high, and tried to calm my stomach with a glass of ginger-ale and my favorite gaming chain. There would be no return to slumber for me, I luckily had gotten past the worst of it in the night, and just needed a day to regain my energy. I logged into the game, and loaded up everyone’s favorite Shadow Warrior, Kahla, and started looking around for the closest fight I could find. Praag. Yummy. I  hurried to my most beloved of zones as quickly as my gyro-copter could carry me, only to show up just in time for a zone lock, to push into Chaos Wastes.

The man leading the charge was a highly capable Archmage, and he was coordinating a masterful assault on all three contested zones at once. Throwing out feelers into each zone, and keeping tabs to figure out where our best chances of flipping a zone was. We wanted into their city, and we wanted it bad. So, with multiple warbands bouncing back and forth between each of the zones, we were capturing keeps to lay a foundation for the zone domination that was too come. We had enough numbers to destroy any force we came across, but we knew that as the day progressed, the opposition would swell until they could overwhelm us. Blitzkrieg was the word of the day for us.

Within the first hour of our hold on Chaos Wastes, Dragonwake tilted in our favor. Caledor was on the chopping block. By the time that Chaos wastes was close to being under our first, a strong force of Destro was able to grab one our BOs from under our noses. The meneuver worked, but was only successful in delaying the inevitable. 45 minutes later, we were assaulting the Maw.

This is where the trouble started. Until this point, we had one primary leader and another co-leader for the second warband, and things had been moving wonderfully. Of course, as I’m sure we’ve all been witness too. The second a Fortress opens up for assault, every wanna-be leader, and their small retinue of devoted followers pour in and want to take the reins of the effort. This is not only insulting to the people who have been doing the grunt work, it’s also counter productive. It interferes with communication, it splits forces, distracts resources and focus, and leads to a general decrease in morale.

I’m not going to call out any names one way or the other, but those of us in the original groups wanted to do this the right way. We wanted to push up the ramp, wipe the enemy, and kill the lord. However a significant portion of the new multi-warband army, wanted to use a bug to pull him down to the first floor. No amount of discussion would dissuade them from wanting to use an obvious exploit to gain an advantage, some even tried to claim that the lord “pathed down to the first floor from time to time” as justification for it. Really? Are you that stupid, or do you just think I am? Others called it fair game as it was the move that destro used to claim the first fortress capture on our server. In any matter, as in all things, the lemming hoard won the day and pulled him down, and killed him. I take a slight twinge of  joy in realizing that none of the people got any loot because there was too much destro up there to get the box.

As things moved on, we rushed to Caledor to continue the offensive. By now, a large portion of the destruction populace was here, and they were fighting back. It was near 12 PM est, and we were close to locking the zone, and moving to fort number two. The sheer numbers that were running around this zone were impressive, from both sides. There was in total, probably 4-5 warbands of order, and 2-3 warbands of destruction. Objectives were hotbeds of fighting, and the center was a veritable kill-zone, both sides warcamps are so close the center BO that they just fall into the fight and clash like water on a head-wall. Destruction was able to gain a foothold in one objective during the time, and set us back again, another 30 minutes or so. We did lock the zone, and the fight was taken to Fell Landing, the Dark Elf fortress.

By this time, destro had squeezed into the fortress every last soul they could. Some group had tried to bug the lord to the bottom floor again, but that proved fatal. A strong warded warband made our way up to the lords room, trying to bring as many people with us as we could, and what did we find waiting us at the top of the stairs? Three banners, planted in the ground, and a mass of tanks behind it. Of course, with 15 minutes left in the capture of the Fortress, it was announced that servers were coming down for maintenance. The same as the day before when Order was about to lock Chaos Wastes. Mythic conspires against, I swear it.

The main reason for all of this, was to illustrate how important it is for exploits to be fixed by Mythic. Particularly the big ones. Lords should NOT be able to be pulled down to the first floor. Banners should NOT have collision detection. Each side will blame the other side for doing it first, and making them use the other. Around and around will the blame go, but it doesn’t really matter. If there is an exploit, people are going to use it. When they are as large a problem as these are, detrimental to the end-game itself, they need to be fixed, and now.

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