WCP-Eye on you, pt 2

wcpilogovisual2So a second round of looking through some blogs and a new round-up of interesting posts. So come in, pull up a chair, light a cigar, and let me pour you a couple fingers of Scotch while you relax before the condensed versions of my perusing through the interwebs.

Another new blog I have been introduced to with this event is incoming pull. One of his recent articles is a great example of what I have been thinking about for a long time now, and even got into a discussion about at the TTH boards (before evil IT firewalled it). Essentially, he is boiling down the components of “traditional” dungeons and PQs, and pointing out that PQs should really be treated as outdoor dungeons, only for the casuals. All the basic components are there except the laborious long crawl through meaningless hallways…usually.

Casual WAR has two recent posts relating to the recent patch, 1.2. Both of which are short, dirty, to-the-point pieces that seem to be his style. One of the things I like about this guy is how direct and precise he is in his writing, it’s refreshing at time when compare to some other bloggers, and their long, meandering tales. Myself excluded of course.

Breakfast at WAR is one of those on my blog roll as well that I enjoy reading. A recent rant over there I found to be really, really good. I even left a comment to remind myself to write about it, and I promise I will. Eventually. The pair always puts out good stuff though, and the content varies from short to long, frivolous to informative, it’s all over the spectrum, never know what you’re going to get are you Forrest?


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