Karstaedt, of the…

nevermindYeah, changed my mind on him. I played him to I think level 12, and it’s not really quite what I was looking for from my tank. I think he was too defensive, or may too much support, not really sure. Maybe it’s because scenarios stopped popping, or that I was getting chewed up in the few that did. Either way, I found myself not really enjoying the class, and the more I read about them, the more it sounds like twisting is a vital portion of their success, and I despise twisting. Really, dull spoon derma-brasion sounds more enjoyable than a class centered around twisting.

It doesn’t help that I played a Swordmaster after my frustration with him too. I was getting my ass handed to me a fair amount, but it was FUN. The graphic for my state of balance was really impressive too. Throw in that I loved the look, the almost-Eastern inspiration and I’m really intrigued to see where this class goes, more-so than the Knight. Another fun aspect of the Swordmaster, it’s almost like they have two “mechanics”. The balance mechanic is really a cool concept, skill chains and actions leading to higher, stronger attacks, I immediately got the addon PlanB when I thought about giving the class a whirl, and it works amazingly well. Other than the balance mechanic (mirror to the Black Orc “plan”), they have sword enchantments that they can have one at a time of. Currently the only one available to me is a damage shield that procs 25% of the time on melee attacks. It’s a defensive tool, but then again, he is a tank. I’m interested to see what other interesting things they add to the sword later on.

If I do decide to stick with this guy, and I’m not making any guarantees yet, I will never use a shield. I’m sorry, I just won’t. It’s similar to when I started my Blackguard. Yes, I know he’s a tank, yes I know shields are good, but the lore and history of these guys doesn’t really lend them to using shields. It also just looks wrong on them, and unwieldy. The animations for the Blackguard with his glaive was some of the best in the game, and the Swordmaster with his blade is almost as good. Hopefully, the class will be as offensive as I’m hoping and he can really burn through some of the enemy.

The biggest down-side in all of this for me? I’m playing another elf. God-damnit, it’s like I can’t get away from them, but they all have the aspect or mechanic that I want. Whether it was a melee healer when I first started and wanted to give healing a try, or the only non-pet bow class in the game with this blogs raison d’etre, or the DPS heavy hype of the Blackguard, or now that same thing with an awesome balance mechanic (I never liked the hatred system, too similar to WoW’s rage).

Oh well, I’ll keep you updated. Maybe someday in the distant future, Karstaedt will see a resurection, but it’s doubtful.


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