WCP-Eye on you


So, I’m here to throw up some lovin’ to my fellow WAR bloggers and wanted to highlight a couple posts I thought stood above the rest.

Almagill at Travels with a Troll Slayer, did a post on two addons. It seems he does this every week, instead of the one massive posting like I tend to do. That weekly update stuff is just too much of a commitment for me, to hell with it I say. The addons he looked at are Auction House related and look like they would be great for the entrepreneuer in all of us.

A second interesting site to check out is Obsessive Focus. I have to admit, it’s an interesting take on approach to MMOs that is not often seen. The writer is dedicated to maintaining a pure RP role in the game, and has a great group of friends that she travels with. One of her recent posts went over much needed, basic advice that all players who PvP should be aware of. Simple, basic tactics that everyone should be cognizant of when on the battlefield.

If you’re a blogger and interested in participating with the rest of the community, feel fre to read up on it here.


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Making serious business out of internet spaceships.

2 Responses to WCP-Eye on you

  1. almagill says:

    Thanks for the ping, Shadowwar. Adding you to the blogroll over at Travels.

    The intention is to do an ‘add on of the week’ every week and, fortunately, WP let’s me write up an article in advance and set the date/time when it’ll be published so *in theory*, on those days when I have the time and inclination, I can store up a few then I look all organised 😉

    It’s all smoke and mirrors y’know.

  2. shadowwar says:

    Haha, you’re more organized in your attempt to look organized than my actual organization skills. I just kind of post ’em when I write ’em…most of the time.

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