Nothing’s cooler…

jesusridingdinosaur…than Jesus riding a dinosaur.

And I mean that literally. Nothing is cooler, even Darkfall apparently. The game has launched and first reports and impressions are in, as are outsiders commentary (like myself). Who could  have predicted something like this? Oh, everyone. The sooth-seeing of a terri-bad launch were so prevalent, it’s hard not to stumble over one at every google of “Darkfall”. I don’t have the energy to copy/paste that many links, or try to struggle around the fire wall at work to get to some of them.

Is this Darkfall Schadenfreude? Most likely yes, but come on, nearly everyone saw this for the disaster for what it was. The situation has been like that with people who think an indie movie equals good cinema, which is complete bullshit. Sure, it works out that way sometimes, but most of the time you get complete fucking shit.

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