Guards, I don’t need no stinking guards

gold_hatAsuryan’s Flames is one of the blogs, I read on a more regular basis, and one of his recent posts was his musing on why people let themselves be spawn-camped. He makes a lot of really interesting points and questions about why people who should know better, let this happen. Is it the mindless zerg, hoping that continually throwing themselves at the wall of the enemy will result in success? Why do this when you can sneak around back, snag an objective and get some momentum for your side, as well as create a distraction? All excellent questions, and I figured I’d weigh in on some of these myself.

As things stand now (before the sexy beast of domination arrives), we need victory points to lock a zone, push the war effort forward, attack a Fortress, and wreck havoc on the enemy’s city. Victory points are gained in each zone from completing quests, doing PQs, completing that zones scenario with a win, capturing Objectives and Keeps, and you guessed it, killing the enemy! So, every time people are throw their bodies into the wood-chipper of an enemy outside their warcamp, their helping the other side flip the zone. Congratulations, you are now working with the enemy!

I see people as doing this for a couple of reasons. Sometimes it works. Every now and then, you’re just barely getting beat,  you’ve killed off some of their key players, who miss a rez, and are forced to make the long run back. Or maybe you hear the cavalry horn blowing in your ear. Either way, you know that the odds are about to change shortly. Another reason is maybe you’re trying to bait them into the guards. A cowardly and cheap tactic I think, but as we all know, “All’s fair in love and war”. Perhaps the last reason I can think of is, it’s just fun to fight. People see an enemy, that enemy is close, lets kill that enemy! If you die, big whoop, it’s a short run back, and I don’t give a flying flip about VPs, I’m just having fun!

So, next time you’re sitting at your warcamp, getting farmed by the howling hordes of hateful hounds, ask yourself why you’re doing it. If it’s not one of those reasons I just mentioned, you probably should go try something else.

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