You and I, how do we do it?

So, we were talking in my guild lately about how you lay-out your screen, what kind of layouts you use, what do you find to be necessary to your display. So, I thought I’d show you how I roll, and maybe some of you guys can throw up your own and give suggestions/tweaks/criticisms/accusations of stupidity. You know, whatever.

kahla_086 I’m hoping this works out and you can actually see what I have here. I want it to be as large as possible because that damn Tomb of Knowledge can’t be resized and eats up so much of my valuable screen realestate. In any matter, the following is my list-by-numbers of what I have indicated on screen.

  1. DAoC Buffs – I’m not sure if I want to keep this or not. I love the size of the buffs, but my other mod already shows the buffs on me and my enemy. Additionally, I haven’t played with it enough to show enemy stuff/friendly target stuff. I’ll tinker with it some and let you know.
  2. WAAAGH Bar – Great resource of info, wouldn’t go without it. I’ve heard some people go on about SNT Bar, but I hate that, it looks ugly as sin, and it’s broken into separate pieces for each bit of info. It’s gone past the point of customization into PITA.
  3. Tome Titan – For those rare times I really, really, really want to get unlocks.
  4. Damaz Kron – Best. Mod. Ever.
  5. Junk Dump – Can use it to sell the crap you don’t want with one click. Goodbye greys!
  6. Rarity – Nice colored ring around loot that shows you it’s rarity level.
  7. Vertical Tactics – Self Explanatory
  8. Target Ring – Hard to see in the photo, I know, but it puts a colored ring around your target. Now that I think of it, not sure if it shows both friendly and hostile targets…
  9. MOTH – Changes tooltip to give more info, works with Damaz Kron, so that if I hover over an enemy, it shows my score (Damn you Tabeli and my -8!)
  10. ISAssist Tracker – Good for setting up assist trains
  11. Pure – Nice unit frames for targets
  12. Queue Queuer – A great addon for getting as many premade groups into one scenario as possible, I just started using it a bit ago, so I’m still not 100% on how often it works on actually getting everyone there.
  13. Squared – Good for reducing the size of that pesky raid window
  14. State of the Realm – It’s SUPPOSED to give info on VP for each zone that is contested, as well as timers for the various BOs. I like the info it’s supposed to give, but it is a bit buggy, particularly with showing T3 timers instead of T4. It’s also unimaginably large.
  15. zMinimap – Square map, bit smaller I think
  16. NAMBLA / NAMBLA art – Different skin and interface for hotbars, little bit cleaner and more functional
  17. Chatty Cathy – Can get rid of a lot of the BS unneeded stuff from the chat window as well as move the chat-type box.

I’m also using a few I couldn’t get on here:

  • Alert Filter – Change the font size of the warning text
  • Black Box – Rez window in a small box so it won’t block a rez
  • Precious – Shows all your jewelry in comparison to the one you mouse over
  • Big’uns – Because we all can agree, WE icons were better when they were ta-tas
  • Libslash – Great for turning off and on addons
  • Phantom – Turn off that shit you don’t want.

So, thoughts? How do you do it? Do you do it at all?

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