Of Transfers, Queues, and Sieges

siegeBecause I could, I transferred over my Disciple and my BG over to Iron Fist. I don’t have any intention of ever really playing them again, but I thought back to my Boy Scout roots, and decided to prepare for the possibility of me becoming disillusioned with my Shadow Warrior. So, I logged into Mythic’s site, and in the blink of an eye, had them queued up to move over. Maybe 30 minutes later, they were move. Say what you will about Mythic, but when they get something right, they get it RIGHT.

In any matter, I was busy for most of yesterday with cooking ribs, other tasties, and just general house-stuff. My play time wasn’t very huge and split in half, so it felt like less than it probably really was. After dinner, and a little wife-time, I decided to skip playing my alt, or killing destro in favor of checking out what this new hotness Iron Rock is that everyone has been talking about.

So, I load up DoK, sigh a bit as I remember how much cooler he looks than a Shadow Warrior, which says a lot about Destro’s art team since SW is one of the best looking classes I think for Order. I hit the play button…and I see a queue? No shit, I’m 53rd in line. Haven’t seen this since, well first week of play. There must be a stupid number of people that play on this server, I’m thinking. So I browse the web a bit on my iPhone and wait patiently to get into the world. The wait wasn’t too bad, maybe 10-15 minutes tops, I lost track of time while in the interwebs. I look around, and immediately have to reorganize my entire setup as I haven’t played this characters since I started loading up on mods.

A few minutes of that, and I remember that I’m also healing spec. Pffft. F-that, and head to the nearest trainer to get my Torture on, I cave to a slight 5-point nod to healing. I’m sure my spec blows as-is, but I’ve done absolutely zero theorycrafting so far, and don’t recall what the good stuff is for DoKs now if you don’t want to be an AoE heal bot. It’s about this point that I notice my pairing tracker, and see something totally foreign to my eyes. Reikland and one other zone’s fortress is red, and Altdorf is yellow, for contest. Seriously? I logged into the middle of a fucking city-siege? On a Tuesday? For reals?

Yes, for real. I sent Rivs a message to say hello, and he asked me to come on over and check it out. I ran over to Altdorf, got in the gates, and even made it to one of the instances, had a little bit of initial fun by running in dropping my AoE stun, slashing some Order with my two pig-stickers, then doing my cone KB. It was fun, but I found myself sans-group, and dieing a lot, and not able to really touch the guards. It’s also very hard to get back in the groove of watching other peoples bars and remembering it’s my job to help keep those up. So, as much as I would absolutely love to play on a server where this kind of stuff happens almost every night, I’ll stick to my Shadow Warrior like the selfish player I’ve always wanted to be.

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2 Responses to Of Transfers, Queues, and Sieges

  1. theerivs says:

    It’s Iron Rock btw, yeah I do that sometimes too. My mind wants it to be Iron Fist.

    The city sieges are happening every night, I almost feel sorry for Order…almost.

  2. shadowwar says:

    It’s extra hard for me, my main is on Iron Fist, and I transferred to Iron Rock, bleh!

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