targetTry to pronounce that string of consonants followed by a vowel. I dare you. You’ll look like a giant idiot, but it will be fun. When you tire of trying to decipher seemingly random letters, you can head here, and find out what it’s all about, or you can keep reading this post. Obviously, I’m hoping you stick it out.

The WCPI is the WAR Community Promotion Invitation. It’s one more initiative in this amazing community to get the word out to as many people as possible about as many sites concerning our favorite hobby as possible. January we had the Age of Blogging initiative, and now at the end of February, we have WCPI. Warhammer Alliance has been doing a great job of bringing the community together as a whole, and promoting the heck out of all of us who love this game and ramble on endlessly about it. Those who get themselves involved in this will get to sport a lovely green name on the forums and a special WAR Lord title. I see many dead bloggers in the future, nothing says, “Kill me!” like a bright flashy name for everyone to more easily recognize. That picture will be me after Gerf catches wind of this.

On second thought, maybe I’ll rescind my application…

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