Lost Vale, I’ll find you soon

sentinelI just finished a run of Sigmar’s Cryps with some guildies. I’ve been trying all week to get in there, with no luck, always missing a tank, or a healer, or something. In any matter, my streak of good luck continues, and I just got my Sentinel Shoulders. Huuzah, 4/5 greater wards means I can am more than geared for any group considering a DPS to go in with them. I only need to get the sentinel boots to drop, or gain about 1.5 more renown ranks and I can wear my conqueror boots, sealing the deal for 5/5 greater wards. I don’t know what this gearing problem people are having, but it’s been a walk in the park for me.


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2 Responses to Lost Vale, I’ll find you soon

  1. theerivs says:

    Congo Rats on the 5/5 Greater

  2. Enslaver says:

    I have not had issues gearing characters up to this point, but I run the zones as soon as my timer is up most of the time. Even now that I don’t need any wards from city instances on the Knight I still run them for my illusive watcher sword and hardened band of the warden. Congrats those, welcome to the vale, may it bring you many nights of banging your head on the keyboard 😀

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