Karstaedt, of the Blazing Sun

kotbs-look-03So, I decided to make an alt…again. Yes I know. I’ve played two characters to 40, do I really need another? To which, I say yes, absolutely. Alts are just a great way to experience another part of the game. From the title, I’m sure you figured out that I’m playing a Knight of the Blazing Sun, and you’re tapping your forehead while thinking, “Didn’t he already try a tank? A Blackguard right?”. You would be correct in your recollection. I did, and while fun, it wasn’t what I wanted for a main, for multiple reasons.

For one, the Blackguard failed me because I went into with the wrong mindset. I was thinking heavy armor, giant glaive, THREE PIECES! It didn’t work out that well. The hatred mechanic I didn’t particularly care for, maybe for the same reason I didn’t like warrior’s rage in WoW, it just didn’t jive yo. Plus it was an elf. Another elf. I’ve got two capped elves now, and the BG sitting at level 28 leads me to see I was a bit elf-centric in my playing. So, humans, which I loved from the get-go, will be the new race du jour pour moi

I see this tank as a massive beast of annoyance, diving into the thick, kite-shield in hand, inspiring all around to push forth and cleanse the wicked evil of Chaos from the lands, for the Emperor! The mechanic suits me well also, I’ve always been a fan of auras (but not twisting, bleh), and the benefits they can provide to you and others. I don’t feel as if I’m just sitting there soaking up damage for people, I’m also an asset in other ways. Lastly, I’ve always preferred the look of kite-shields over tower. The shields for High/Dark-elves just look silly to me, overly skinny and curved, almost flimsy. The Dwarf shields aren’t so bad, just overly round. Maybe it’s my years of playing a Paladin/Shadow-knight in EQ2, or a Paladin in WoW, but kite shields just look more heroic in my mind.

So, I made him a few days back, and have been tinkering with him when I don’t feel like playing ring-around-the-objectives. He’s been decent fun, more so in PvP than in PvE. As an example, in tier 1, at level 7 or so, I was playing the Nordenwatch scenario, standing on hill, looking down at the Destruction horde about to swarm us. I run into the back, and make a bit of a bee-line for the Zealot (chaos-cursed cretin!). In response, I end up with about 6-7 people focusing all their hatred to the goal of a pink-corpsed-knight. Luckily, I had an excellent healer(s) behind me, keeping me alive. The constant bombardment went on for probably 30 seconds to a minute before reinforcements arrived for us in terms of dps to burn down the idiots who were obsessive-compulsively trying to slay me. It was one of my top 10 Warhammer moments, right up there with the first time I lead a warband of guildies, that resulted in a 500-270 Battle for Praag victory. I really hope this kind of activity can continue on and give the excitement that I felt in future battles. In no way am I giving up on Kahla, but Karstaedt, the newest Knight in the Empire’s service, is definitely going to be vying for some attention as well.


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