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eternityThe Domination system cannot get here soon enough. I’m starting to sense an ennui settle in on me of keep takes and the seemingly futile attempt to flip zones and push the war line closer to the enemy city. Last night we were in Praag, my favorite zone, with my favorite scenario. The battle is still in Praag after our failed attempt to take the Chaos Wastes fortress, and hasn’t budged. The VPs for the zone are in a deadlock. Whenever one side gets close, they make a rush to try and take all the sites on the map, and usually fall just shy of the points needed. So, scenarios start getting run (no one does PQs because, God, that gets boring fast). Great, scenarios are fun, especially this one. Oh, but wait, now with 3 groups of people out of the zone to defend the newly acquired objectives/keeps, we lose control of them to the enemy running around re-taking them all. And then, the vicious circle repeats itself.

I’ve always been a proponent of scenarios contributing to the zone lock mechanic, and I still am, in theory. The problem is that on my server, Order is at the cusp population wise of doing the scenarios without being hampered by the loss of manpower. Destruction outnumbers us significantly, so when they lose 18 people to a scenario, it’s a much smaller piece of the pie for them, and the loss is not felt as harshly. If my guild/alliance is half to three-quarters of the defense of a keep, and 3 groups dip out to try to help lock the zone, we just lost a sizable portion of that thin barrier between destruction and our keep lord. In the time it takes to run that scenario, the keep is taken, morale drops, people disperse to other zones to whore up some more renown, and the zone stays as-is.

So, like I said, I’m all for the scenarios playing a role, they’re great fun and full of fighting, but it takes away from the open world conflict, especially when it’s such a tenuous balancing act for us right now. Is this just my server? Does anyone else notice this type of trend in their gameplay? I just know that when Domination hits the streets, it will mean a world of change to how things work now, and people are going to have to change the way they approach ORvR and zone locking, and it can only be for the good, because right now, locking zones are mostly a chore.


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