My Favorites

At Syp’s gentle nudging:

  1. Favorite Zone?– Praag, hands down. Love that place. City fights make me very happy, I love the scenario for it as well, and it’s just amazing looking. A ramshackle, cluster fucker of a city in constant combat and on the verge of destruction. 
  2. Favorite Race? – I love the humans actually. Germanic flavors make me happy.
  3. Favorite Career? – I think that’s somewhat obvious, but I love my Shadow Warrior.
  4. Favorite WAR feature?– That’s rough, I adore the PvP, if that can be a feature. The way the influence system works I like as well, it feels different from your typical rep grinds to me.
  5. Favorite Skill?– Oooh, that’s rough. Unshakable Focus is amazing when used in conjunction with a few other things. So mechanincally, I’d say that probably. Visually? Lileath’s Arrow. Best looking skill ever. Wish it was more useful, it’s handy for firing off when in too close of quarters to use typical ranged, but other than that, SFA with Split Arrows is better.
  6. Favorite Scenario?– Battle for Praag
  7. Favorite Live Event? – Night of Murder, no question. A Live Event all about murdering the other guy? You had me at Murder.

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