All Together Now


This will be a two-pronged post, one on solo play and the other on all of us working together.

This is a team game. Working toward a common goal with massive amounts of other players is how this game is to operate. Despite the solo content, and how some people want to play, the main purpose is to wage war, and be a champion of an army. Wars cannot be successfully waged by small groups of people, and an army cannot be made up of one person.

I understand, you may only have 30 minutes and don’t want to spend the time to get a group together and run a dungeon, invade a lair, or do some Objective/Keep capturing. So instead you go quest (if not max level), do unlocks, craft, or you join a scenario PUG. That’s fine. I don’t hold umbrage with any players that solo to 40, or who want to just go and do their own thing, out of the way of the concerted war effort. Feel free, knock yourselves out, it’s not being a hindrance in any way to the  majority’s goal. If you’re short on time, go do something alone, all good.

However, if you are going to be putting in some time, and you want to come out, and join in the war effort, do so in a productive manner. I don’t care if you’re running a small group, picking off straglers. Be the lion stalking the maimed gazelle, that’s one less person I have to worry about later. Hell, that can be loads of fun as well. But don’t, I repeat, do not, run into a Fortress, without being in at least a group (you shouldbe in a warband and on a vent channel with the leader). If you are not those things, then you are going to die, you are wasting space, and you are being a burden and a hindrance on the rest of your realm mates. Period.

“But I don’t like running with the zerg.”  Then get the fuck out. Fortress takes are “zergs” of a sort, until you realize that it really takes that many people, because that many people are defending it, and defense always has the upper hand. If you aren’t willing to work with the forces of Order/Destruction to take that fort, then you are actively trying to not see the endgame content. Any protests about how a solo player can be useful in a Fort-take are laughable and ring hollow.

Now, how do you get large groups of people to work together? That’s a brilliant question, and one that Order on my server is having a hard time figuring out. The Ironfist server is so well matched, that we’ve only had one Fortress capture since launch, and that was due to Destruction being able to bug the Keep Lord down through the floor. I play on one of the largest (if not the largest) Order guilds on our server, we do a lot to try and keep things running smoothly between the players on our side, and we are all large proponents of listening to whoever the leader is. If someone is leading the fight, listen to that person. Going and doing your own thing (see above) will get you killed, and probably someone else too. If the leader says groups 1 and 2 go defend the East postern door, go do it, no exceptions.

Last  night was a prime example of people not listening to a leader. Order had flipped Praag the night before, and we had been fighting in Chaos Wastes all throughout the day. When I logged on in the evening, Destruction was on the verge of flipping Kadrin Valley. Being the good defensive players we are, we went to KV to try to put a stop to their flipping the zone. The enemy had already set up lines of defense killing any players running to the fortress from the KV warcamp, and had exploited their way to the backof the fort, between the rear postern and the portal to Altdorf. So, thanks to them for cheating more, and thanks to the CSRs who ignored an entire warband who cheated to try and get an advantage.

In any manner, we were managing to get into the walls bit by bit, waiting for the inevitable flip, ready to defend. Here is where something strange happened, Destruction turned and started to leave the zone. What is happening? That’s when the call goes out: “Holy, shit, we’re at 91 VP in CW, everyone get your asses there and lets lock this bitch.” Hot-damn, we just unintentionally flipped a zone right from underneath the enemies nose. Their blinders completely prevented them from seeing that they were about to get railroaded elsewhere.

So, Chaos Wastes flips, and the flood hits The Maw, the Fortress just outside the Inevitable City. We burn down the doors, get into the inner keep, and Spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do. We try a rush, and get wiped. We go back. This time, one person seems to be leading the majority, and we defer to that person, and follow their instructions (Props to Cigmar! for setting up an awesome tank wall, and orchestrating the mob). Sadly, not everyone listened, and that’s the problem. Like I said just a short while ago, more vital than doing whatever you think is best at the moment, the most important thing is to listen to the person leading the fight. If that person tells everyone to push up, keep on pushing, and don’t stop, do it. Stopping on the stairs up causes warbands worth of people to get stuck behind those in front, ineffectual, and getting AoE’d down in a heart beat. That’s not even counting the people who just sat at the bottom of the stairs, doing nothing but taking up space.

This is not a raid where you can reset whenever. You are not playing a PvE game where the enemy will just run back to the same spot and patiently wait for you to try again. No, you’re facing other players, and if they see you standing there AFK after wiping everyone else because you and your kind had their thumbs up their butts doing jack-shit to help, they will kill you. Then they will go back and defend the doors and make it harder for us to succeed the second time over. All of this becomes further complicated when you slap a time-limit on your chance for success. If you don’t have an hour to commit to fighting in this fortress, I say, once again, get the fuck out. If you have to go AFK, just log out, and open your spot up for someone else. If you’re not going to the battle leader, go jump suicide and respawn to the Fortress Lord, because you’re just going to die anyway.

I understand that communication can be a problem, and knowing who is leading everything can be a challenge. That’s where good leaders, good guilds, good alliances, and good relations with other players/guilds/alliances come into play. If you can’t work with the other people of your server, you will fail. If you don’t know who’s leading this thing, ask your group leader, and jus work your way up the chain of command until you find someone who does know. If you hear someone who seems to be trying to take the reins and the responsability, and they seem to make sense, get others to listen and follow. It really can be as simple as that, put your ego aside, accept someone elses leadership, and the sailing gets much smoother.


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2 Responses to All Together Now

  1. Ysharros says:

    You may feel a great deal happier about my post if I clarify that it’s not actually about WAR at all. It’s about how PLAYERS approach games, not how those games are designed and certainly not how specific games are designed. As usual, however, it devolved into the solo vs group debate which wasn’t entirely my intention in writing it. 😉

  2. shadowwar says:

    I appreciate that, but as a gamer, and a consumer of MMOs for years, I’ve ALWAYS been a player that hates to solo. The joy of these games is working with other people. In every MMO I have ever played, the group content has always been more entertaining than the solo. The only exception is probably WoW, and that’s close, becasue they really did design your leveling to be done all by your lonesome, but their raids actually are pretty entertaining. I honestly don’t understand why players don’t approach MMOs as a team-sport when it seems self-evident (to me at least) that is their intended purpose.

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