Beware the Shadow

shad6Oh how I wish people did. I don’t particularly see us as a feared class. I don’t recall anyone bemoaning the kill-power of the Shadow Warriors when I played on the side of Destruction. I also don’t see us WTF-PWNing enemies all of the time. I do see us falling pretty quickly, but is that just my own view of things? Is the reason for the small amount of changes to our class in the 1.2 patch notes because we are already are considered to be a well balanced class?

General concensus from reading the boards, is an overwhelming, “meh”. Ya, the things you fixed are things we wanted and we’re happy for it, but…really? That’s it? No fix to barrage? Between Lil’s Arrow and Split Arrows we already have enough on the move, faster-cast time AoE attacks. Barrage is pointless for the most part. We’re happy that our bonuses will stack when in stances now, but that still wasn’t what was driving most player’s decision on which to use. It boiled down to if you were in a keep and needed the extra distance from scout, or were out on the field and wanted to live a tad longer with Assault, because, split arrows/sprial-fletched arrows dosen’t mean you have to stay in Skirmish, and 5% crit and smidge of Toughness is basically pissing in the ocean.

Seriously, if you have anything to do with the design and preformance of my class, speak up. Tell me why we don’t get the lovin’ that you give other classes. *cough*Black-orc*cough*.

Most people I talk to in my guild agree that we could use a buff in power. I’d love to hear a developer comment on the state of my class. I call it “my” because I am that attached to it. Do you think we’re just right in terms of power? Do you think that our level of melee prowress is in the right place considering we’re a ranged DPS class? How do you justfiy our much lesser damage output in comparison to Sorceres, Magus, and Brightwizards (I’d like to speak on the status of Engineers, but we are woe-fully low on them here on Ironfist for some reason)?


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5 Responses to Beware the Shadow

  1. Enslaver says:

    SW’s are by far the weakest link right now. Your counterparts, the squigies, got a nice buff last patch, but it looks like you guys get passed over again. Maybe something will come out of the test server for you all but I would not hold my breath.

  2. theerivs says:

    I don’t see a problem, you guys die just fine. 😛

  3. theerivs says:

    I love you 🙂

    You drop fat loots when you die ❤

  4. flintlocks says:

    I thought this was going to be a post about Witch Hunters from the picture.


  5. shadowwar says:

    Oh man, you’re young. 😉

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