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Shadow Warrior:
Bug Fixes:
* Steady Aim: This ability’s tooltip has been updated to better reflect what this ability affects.
* Assault Stance: The Strength and Weapon Skill bonuses from Assault Stance will now stack with other Strength and Weapon Skill bonuses.
* Outrider Patrol: This ability’s tooltip will now show the amount of damage done.
* Split Arrows: You can now hit keep doors with Spiral-Fletched Arrow while this Tactic is slotted.
* The bonuses from Scout, Assault, and Skirmish Stance will now stack with other bonuses.
Balance Changes:
* Eye Shot: This ability can now be used while moving.
* Fell the Weak: The build time for this ability has been reduced to 0 seconds, but the cost has been increased.

We had the least changes of all the classes, and none of the big things were fixed, except the Split Arrows bug. Other than that, whoopie.

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One Response to 1.2

  1. Natali says:

    I am extremely happy about Fell the Weak, but… I also wanted more.

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