Kind of like an FPS

spawnThis Night of Murder live event has been loads of fun. People have come out in droves to look for the glowing red and purple Skull with Crossbones floating over the heads of unsuspecting victims. Warbands of people focus-firing down anyone unlucky enough to have received the inevitable mark of doom. Blood is flowing between the cracks of stone and through the leaves of grass like rain during a storm. We’re having fun here, mostly.

I say mostly for a reason. A large error with the design of one of Order’s Warcamps became painfully obvious to me while I played this weekend. The fight was in Eataine. Destruction had a healthy lead on victory points and it looked like they were trying to flip the zone to get a fortress push, and I could hardly find any Order around to fight them. My guild got together about two groups, and we picked up a third with the alliance, but we were having a serious numbers issue. The few of us that were there, were spread out all over the map, and ended up spaghetti stringing into the BO we decided to target. Well, needless to say, that every time I tried to hoof it on over, I was decimated by roving warbands, and there seemed to be actually no coordination going on whatsoever to get reinforcements in. So, I looked to a PvE route to then crossover the river at a more opportune time.

Nope. Roving groups of Destruction were just protecting the shore line, making circuits up and down the banks. Whenever I thought I found a week spot, one that was poorly guarded, as soon as I made it across, I got jumped by four or more of the enemy, and got to see just how fragile I really am. In time, I just sat at the warcamp and tried to exchange some blows with the two groups that were guarding the bridge into the war zone. Here is where the obvious flaw in our camps design was made fully aware. The enemy was easily making it across the bridge and INTO our warcamp. I shit you not, there was a Witch Elf, Marauder, and a Chosen flattening any fool who dared to come down the steps. The only saving grace was that it was still a PvE zone until you get over the bridge so we could just sit there and look at them if we wanted to be cowards, but who wants to be a coward. Either way, our guards there are woefully inadequate at their jobs, and need to be handed pink slips and replaced post-haste. I don’t like getting spawn-camped.

All in all, this event has been my favorite so far. All of the tasks are directly related to ORvR, and as anyone who’s paid any attention to even a few of my posts, that’s why I’m at this game. I want to rain hell upon the other guy. I think that people are having fun on both sides of the line here, and I wonder, why doesn’t this type of fight happen more often? Two sides just slugging it out for the pure thrill of it. I don’t need the carrot of a live event to get me to do this. Maybe people just need the quests. Has our collective gaming ability dwindled so far that we can’t see the purpose of doing anything unless it involves a quest? I don’t think that’s quite it, because we already have a “kill 25 enemies” quest, maybe it just needed a new dimension and interesting twist to the experience. I don’t know, there could be plenty of reasons I don’t know about, and factors I’m not aware of, my choice is to enjoy it while it lasts. On the plus side, I did get two pieces of Sentinel gear and my Conqueror Boots. Highs and lows I guess.


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2 Responses to Kind of like an FPS

  1. Denise says:

    HAHAHA!!!! I have had so much fun this week in ORVR! This event has really brought everyone out, and what great fun. I participated in the taking of 25 Keeps and won my Annihilator shoulders in a massive loot bag and NOTHING has made me happier in a long long time. Is that sad? NO, it was great…..I’d been trying for a third piece for over 2 months….I was whistling in the grocery store, dancing in the yard….I just don’t want it to end. Congrats on your armor! Perhaps alot of players who haven’t done ORVR finally pushed themselves out there and maybe they loved it. We’ll see.

  2. shadowwar says:

    Congratulations! It’s impressive just how much fun this game can be when things start clicking along. It’s just FUN, in the base sense of the word. Here’s to your further success!

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