I sense a disturbance

eveI try not to write about other games very often here. Even more so, I try not to write about games that I know basically nothing about. However, my random web-browsing brought me on an epic story, with ramifications for the genre, and online gaming in general that just astounded me. It was in the game EVE, and apparently, the Empire got destroyed by a Rebel Alliance.

The scope of these actions, and their real-world equivelancy are astronomical (pun fully intended). People are easily throwing around numbers of $25-100k U.S. of loses from Band of Brothers. Reading up on this Mittani, the guy who kind of started GoonSwarm, is a glimpse at a mind that found their niche in the game, and was damn good at it. His niche was corporate espionage apparently. I’m actually  having a hard time properly articulating the shock and awe I have at this situation, as well as how thoroughly impressed I amwith those who participated in it.

Stuff like this really makes me want to give EvE a try. I love sci-fi more than fantasy, but for some reason I never gave this game a go. Maybe I’ll whirl up the free trial and see how things take me. Of course, the games probably so deeply established that new-comers get blown out of the water right away. Eh, we’ll see…


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3 Responses to I sense a disturbance

  1. sneaksz says:

    That’s a lot crazy!

  2. Enslaver says:

    This is a nice chart I found a few years ago to help people understand EVE. It is a blast to play but very hard to learn. As for the Goons, they are all trash, and BOB is no better, but what can you expect from the gaming elitists.

  3. shadowwar says:

    Hilarious! Looks like something from XKCD. Made me laugh.

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