Night of the Annihilator

kahla-annihilatorThis will be a quick one as well, I’m having too much fun playing the game right now to be bothered with trivial things like commentary and chit-chat.

Night of Murder rocks, it really has brought the fight out in people. Live Events always bring the people out, and we all have fun, so why isn’t it like this all the time? Is the carrot of the rewards really so important to everyone else that it’s the only thing to entice them into a fight? Bleh.

Anyway, we did a lot of keep sieges and finished off around 5 people’s annihilator’s sets in our guild, including my own. Here’s a pic and a big hearty thanks to my guild, Enigma! I continue to be super-happy with the group of people I ended up with, especially their drama lite attitude.


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4 Responses to Night of the Annihilator

  1. Starbreaker says:

    Gratz on getting your Annihilator set! It’s always a good feeling when you finish off a set.

  2. Nosmo King says:

    Gratz. Can’t wait to get there myself.

  3. Sentack says:

    Lucky you! I know a lot of people in my alliance who spent over 2 months farming keeps till they finally got there last keep. I’ve spent about a week so far open RvR-ing and have only gotten the Helm. I’ve not had much luck with the lotto and I really wish Mythic would implement something else instead of just the blasted luck of the roll.

  4. shadowwar says:

    Yeah, I’m starting to think I’m lucky, and earning the enmity of my guildmates at the same time 😉 I got all of my Anni pieces with no overlaps (i.e. each gold back from a keep that I got, was something I needed). And in one day I got my conqueror boots and sentinel helm and shoulders (I think) in one day.

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