When’s the last time?

bsod-shirtI was thinking back on the problems the game had from the get-go. The crazy bugs that plagued us all, and caused serious problems in terms of playability. If you’re reading this, you probably suffered through them like I did, sure in the belief that Mythic would quickly fix the problems that beset us. I was surprised when I looked back and realized I can’t even remember the last time some of those things happened to me. So for a quick venture, read through this list, and try to think back the last time it actually happened to you.

  • Stuck in combat (from Beta, maybe live).
  • Crashed to Desktop (CTD)
  • Unresponsive Morale abilities
  • Unresponsive regular abilities
  • Saw a player “ghost”
  • Fought another player who was actively responding, only to get “target out of reach” notice.
  • Been kicked out of an underpopulated Scenario.
  • Waited 2+ hours for a scenario.
  • Saw only one scenario for your pairing in a days play time.

I can honestly not remember when any of those things last happened to me. There is I think a residual problem of the ghosting that causes mounts to appear where enemies were killed, but for the most part nothing close to any of the above has happened to me in a while.

Lists like this make me realize how ungrateful we as players can be in general. While these problems persisted, people screamed bloody murder for them to be corrected, and fast. Predictions of doom fell upon any who listened because of some of these very points. Now that they are basically all cleared away, people don’t seem to appreciate just how much has been done RIGHT to correct these problems.

I undestand the view that some consumers have that the product should be perfect on release, and these should have been worked out ahead of time, but I disagree with it at a fundamental level of understanding what the product is. The sheer volume of people that get pushed through MMOs will cause problems that were never expected. Similar to if a car has a flaw, or problem, driving said car at 80 mph for hours on end will just exaserbate the issue that would have otherwise been a minor inconsquential issue.

So thank you Mythic, for all the work you have done so far, and for the effort you will be putting into the game in the future. You’ve earned the trust of at least this one gamer. While you may not be perfect at first, you seem to be ever-striving for said perfection through refinement, and that speaks volumes more than I ever could on your behalf.


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One Response to When’s the last time?

  1. brikkhowz says:

    thank you for the positive post, seems that most, not all, WAR bloggers spend almost as much time whining about the game as they do playing it.

    Come to think of it isn’t that a tome unlock “complained aboutt the game 100 times” wonder what title you would receive 🙂

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