Fates twisted humour

belushicollegeCompletely  unrelated to WAR post to follow.


So, I get pulled into a kick-off meeting for my job (I design fire sprinkler systems). The current project we won the bid for is a dormitory that I spent the worst semester of my college life in, my first. There were a lot of reasons it was terrible. My grandmother died, I was stuck in a triple (a room with three people instead of two), thse two other people held radically different politcal/social views from me, and didn’t hesitate to share it at 3 A.M., and it was an election year. I also got to experience all the fun and stress of being in a new place, on my own, handling school and a weekend job, long distance relationship, finding out what alcohols I liked, what my limits were, having my car get towed multiple times because of shady companies, and just figuring out that life can be a real bitch at times.

So, I don’t have fond memories of this dorm. At all.

The temptation to do this all wrong and hope the place burns to the ground is very, very tempting…


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2 Responses to Fates twisted humour

  1. slurms says:

    So, if you are going to college and live in a dorm that is getting a new fire sprinkler system,…you may want to move out.

  2. theerivs says:

    My advice to you is drink heavily.

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