Flipping Fortresses

san-marino-fortressesI had a good weekend overall. I got to participate in a boat-load of ORvR and really got some quality time in withrunning with my new guild, and really learning how the operate and mesh. I feel like I’ve found a great group of people and they’re drama-lite, which really makes me happy. Probably the highlight of the weekend was on Saturday.

So far on Ironfist, I’ve been staring at the T4 tracker with Destruction pushed into Eataine, Kadrin Valley, and Reikland. The enemy had their choice of locking any zone to start a fortress push. Well, me and my crew decided we had had enough of this, so we buckled down, and set into Eataine in the not-so-early A.M. hours of the day. As we moved through, taking BOs and Keeps, we kept constantly queued up for the zones scenario, the rotating king of the hill (can’t remember what it’s called). By the time we were all done with the captures, and dominating in scenarios, we were near to locking it down. By this point we had a little over a warband, and we split to two different PQs, and remained in the queue, steadily pushing our way toward the magical blue arrow to claim what is ours. In what seemed like a surprisingly short amount of time, Eataine was ours. In total, it probably took us two hours or so at most to flip the zone.

After this, I logged for a bit to do house-y things (I suck at caulking btw), but came back not too long later. We were in the middle of a repeat performance in Dragonwake. I threw down for PQ or two before the wife got on my case and I was out of game for a few more hours. When I came back though, imagine my surprise when I log in to find that, yes, we were pushing the Dark Elf Fortress. That’s right, Enigma, and the rest of our server had thrown down the gauntlet, and not just flipped Dragonwake, they had rammed their fist right into the enemy heartland. The push was unsuccessful, as all have been from both sides on our server, but it was fun, and I definitely need to hit 40 and get my ward gear soon. I drew the attention of one of the champions during the raid, and it did not end well for me.

I for one am greatly looking forward to the “Zone Domination” method of taking zones. It will bring a whole lot of dimension to the game and field of play in general, but more specifically, it will take the “work” out of it I think. Sure, PQs and SCs are fun, but when you HAVE to grind them out to control a place, it starts to feel labor-some. Add onto the feeling that few people I know feel like PvE success should play such a large factor in victory points, and the SCs can’t help but feel a little disconnected from the main fight, it just doesn’tseem to mesh with what I have as a concept for PvP game-play.

On a more personal note, during all this scuffle, I have gained level 34 and RR32 (I think 32…). I’m happy with my progress so far, I’ve been steadily leveling, but not at ridiculous speed, and I’m keeping my renown rank with 2-3 of my level, which is important to me. I also was lucky enough to get the Annihilator’s Tunic from a gold bag during one of the keep sieges. I’ll be able to wear it at level 36, RR 33! By the time I can wear the tunic, purchasing the gloves and shoulders should not be an issue, so I’m already looking at 3 lesser ward pieces from the get-go.


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