Jack Bauer vs WAR


Yeah, I went there

Yeah, I went there

I looked back over this week, and saw that I got hardly anything done in relation to WAR that I wanted to. I did hit level 32 last night, but just barely. Didn’t even get close to installing Photoshop, can’t find the disk. I did install a new printer/scanner/photo-maker all-in-one thing though, as well as take down an old light fixture in the bathroom, putty up the massive holes, and wire up a new one in there. This weekend: caulking! 

Aside from all the typical house-hold, and car maintenance, and the regular drudgery of every day responsibility, I saw that I spent a lot of my time watching TV. This is unusual for me, as I’ve never been a big couch potato. Yeah, I sit around a lot playing video games, but that special term is usually referred to those who like to sit around and veg out in front of the tube to some mindless programs. That’s probable the reason why I like video games to TV in general. The participation is active. Passivity in entertainment drives me nuts, in fact, in general it grinds my gears. Even when I’m watching TV, I’m involved with what’s going on. I accept the reality and totality of what it is I’m viewing. Examples: when I watch 24, and Jack Bauer does a running jump-and-punch into Tony Almeda’s face, I laugh and cheer in excitement. A couple years ago, some friends and I were hanging out and we started to watch Scrubs. The first episode finished, and we were all laughing and having a good time, and after the credits rolled, a second new episode started, all of us in unison starter to clap and cheer as well.

See, when watching TV, I don’t do it as just a spectator, I become invested in what I’m watching. So whether it’s some terrorist ass-kicking in 24, or the incredibly deep and intricate socio-political revelations of Battlestar Galactica, I’m into it. In any matter, the point I’m making with all this TV ramble is that, I’m watching a lot of shows now. Mondays are House and 24, Thursdays are Burn Notice, and Fridays are Battlestar Galactica. God knows what I’ll do once Chuck, Life, and Heroes all start airing again, those shows conflict in Time-slots with other programs I regularly watch, which means streaming them later on. That right there is 7 hours a week of play time taken away from WAR. That’s half to a third (depending on how busy I am) of the time I have slotted for gaming. Of those seven, I could cut Chuck and not feel bad, though I do think it’s funny, it’s probably the one that grabs me in an intellectual lock the least of them all. So, I need to figure out how to balance what free-time I have between the shows I really enjoy, and shotting my enemies in their virtual faces.


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One Response to Jack Bauer vs WAR

  1. Greg says:

    Hahah! That is SO true!

    NOBODY can touch Jack!

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