From the Choppa’ Block

The community at large has been eagerly awaiting the release of the last two classes for WAR. After the successful release of the Black Guard and the Knight of the Burning Sun, people have been clammering for the damage delivering devils of Destruction, and Order (I told you about that alliteration thing). Until semi-recently, no-one was particularly fired up about Order’s Dwarven Hammerer. Probably because he was as awesome as a slap in the face.

The previously intended class was a near-visual twin of the Ironbreaker, and just not very eye-catching to anyone not drenched in Warhammer lore. The inclusion of the class always sat somewhat wrong with me, as one of the main foci of the game in production was clear and noticeable silhouettes between the classes, and the Hammerer just didn’t have that.

Well, as of four days ago, Keen & Graev got an interesting little gift-package. What’s that you see? A pair of clippers and bright-fucking-red hair dye? What can this possibly allude to? Maybe the short little ball of viciousness from the original WAR trailer? You know, the one going toe-to-toe with the Black Orc who’s about 4 times his size? Yeah, that’s right, the Slayer. Few things are as awesome as pissed off death-balls with giant mohawks who run around naked on a never-ending quest to die gloriously, in some insane idea of regaining honor. The Japanese and their seppuku just seems like taking the easy way out in comparison.

So, where do we go from here? We now know (for all intents-and-purposes) what the last two classes are going to be. We need to figure out how those two are going to behave, because hey, we’re fans, this is a hobby, it’s what we do. One blogger was thinking that maybe the remaining MDPS should wear heavier armor to help them preform their task of stabbing faces. See the Witch Elf, and the Witch Hunter each have stealth to help them get in and unleash hell, they’re our assassins. The White Lion and the Marauder both have a charge and wear medium armor to mitigate that extra bit of abuse being in the open, they’re our shock troops. Hit the enemy fast, and hit ’em hard. The Slayer and the Choppa will probably be berzerkers, that once enough fury or something kicks in, they’ll get a countdown of extended life, their “feel no pain” type of situation. My bet is they will be wearing light armor (the dorf is half-naked for Christ’s sake!), and should be highly mobile. I’m not sure where this will put the WL and Marauder in terms of defined role, hell, it may not even change it, but time will tell.

So, I want to end this with a question. What are your thoughts? How will the classes perform? Is Mythic blowing steam up all our collective asses with the care-package-surprise they sent to our friends Keen & Graev? Hopes or desires for the new classes? Let me know!


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