Return to Hell

So, I’ve been stuck at level 31 for two days now, and I’m only barely half-way through it. I remember that this range of levels was a bear to work through on my disciple, and how much I hated the return of “hell levels”.

Those of us who played the original Everquest have fond memories of the awful drudgery that awaited you at certain levels. I don’t recall all the reasoning, or mechanics behind them in EQ, but for whatever reason, the exp curve took a hard spike up at certain points in your characters progression, and you felt every second of it.

I’m having a heck of a time pushing myself through it. If things play out like they did on my DoK, then once I hit level 34 or so, things should click back into gear, and start going far more smoothly. It’s just getting there that is hard, more so because I’ve been through all this before. If anyone has any tips for how to not paint the ceiling red while at the keyboard, pass it along for all the internets to read.


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2 Responses to Return to Hell

  1. Captainlnsano says:

    Same problem here. Its what killed WAR for me in general. First I got an Ironbreaker to 35, and now I just hit 33 on my Shadow Warrior and decided to take a break again. Its just not fun anymore. Tier 1 and 2 are really fun, Tier 3 starts to feel boring, but as you said, early T4 is just terrible. I can’t force myself to push through it.

    • shadowwar says:

      Well, I’ve pushed through it Captain, at level 34 now. I just ignored the levels thing, and jumped into full scale PvP, be damned with the time it takes. As is, I think I made decent time to make those 3 levels. The bonus? I had fun the entire time, and I kept my renown rank up. Maybe that’s our collective problem, all of us are so hard-sighted on the big-number-40, and reaching that goal, that we forgot we’re playing a game, and should just do what is fun. It’s almost as if I was trying to work instead of relax.

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