Curiouser and curiouser

So, I’m at work, and bored, and not doing anything productive other than reviewing construction conflict models that I’ve already been over three times before. So I figured I’d just ramble a bit.

I started this blog (in part) when I heard about the Age of Blogging on The Greenskin, and largely because it coincided nicely with where I was at in the game. I had just settled on my decision to start over as a Shadow Warrior, and like I said before, it was a good way to keep me tied to that character by creating an incentive to keep at it. So far, it’s been great, I don’t have any dedicated readers after less than a dozen posts so far, but I haven’t officially made myself known to the community at large either. Though Syp over at WAAAGH! actually added me on a blogroll somewhere on his website after some comments…or something, so hats of to him!  I don’t know what has been keeping me from a post over at the official Age of Blogging site, but I have,  perhaps some apprehension that if I do speak up, I’m sure to quit the next day, or be forced to cut it off. I know noone has high expectations of any blog to actually stick around, but I have the expectation of myself, and that’s the person I want to dissapoint the least.

Anyway, it has been interesting so far, and I have some rough plans and ideas for what I want to do with this place as far as information is concerned, but I also see where I’d like to take my writing as it relates to gaming as well. In general, my posts have been basic recaps of what I have been doing in game, with some minor reflections on the things that immediately effected me. I’d like to make more topics that reflect a more holistic look on the game, and it’s systems, with more analysis of why things are the way they are, and maybe ways they could be improved, or why the shouldn’tbe improved. Essentially I’d like to take a more active role in the discussion of the future direction this rabit hole we’re all traveling through will take us. I hope to not come off as overly pedantic or to tread such lofty, esoteric avenues of discussion like the morality of torture in game, but a part of me thinks it’s just really cool to talk about that kind of stuff too. So, I’ve got a balancing act to perform that would Barnum and Bailey shake their heads in concern.

In lighter news, I am half way through level 29 and just over renown rank 26 if memory serves me correctly. I’ve been playing almost exclusively in ORvR, and leveling has actually been at a fairly decent pace, with the upside of my renown rank staying pretty close to my level, which as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing. I’m hoping to make level 30-31 by the end of the weekend, but I may not meet that goal, it’s the first weekend in our new house that my wife and I will be able to actually put serious work toward unpacking, and the little fix-it tasks that need to be done. Oh! I also joined a guild last night. They seem to be a good group people, with some real good players, and pretty laid back. I’ve heard lots of good things from them from other players in-game, and they have a pretty decent web-site put together, which is always a big plus for me. So Enigma, of Ironfist, here’s hoping for a long and amiable partnership, you bring the fight, and I’ll shoot the shit out of it.


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