Shameless Ideological Theft

So, I wanted to think of more things that I could do to this site that would spruce it up beyond just a “come read my ramblings”. I mean, it’s still going to be primarily my half-assed, chaotic, drunken blather that comes forth from my finger tips, but hey, maybe I can get some usefull stuff up here as well.

Today while on lunch, I was browsing various people’s blog-rolls (need to figure out how to add to mine), and found one guys site which I liked a lot, particularly the details. Da’ Toughest is a really clean, well put together blog/info-site, and I loved the way he has sections set up for the Black Orcs skills/morale/tactics. Being completely unoriginal, I decided I’m going to do my best to steal pay tribute to his great idea, and copy it over to here, with the Shadow Warrior flavor of course. This may take a bit, and will come slowly, but once I figure out how to do it all, it should go up more quickly. I’ll also probably keep it up to date as far as skills go with where I am at in the leveling curve. I hit level 29, RR 25 tonight bee-tee-double you. So, if there is anything else people would like to see go up there, let me know (I type like anyone is actually reading).


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