Overwhelming Destruction

I got to play for a decent amount last night, and was able to participate almost entirely in ORvR. I joined a warband that started off going about taking BO’s before trying to take the one keep that Destruction owned in T3 – Ghrond’s Keep in Saphery (or was it Avelorn, all those Elf lands are the same to me). I joined in the warband in the process of the siege. I was doing my thing, focusing fire on the door and any Sorc that might have the gaul to stick her head out from behind the ramparts. Things seemed like they were going smoothly, noone was really dieing that I could see, and I never saw anyone run in the door of the outer wall. I presumed this was going to be a good shot for me to pick up some Devestator gear.

All those lofty dreams shattered like a mirror dropped from the top of the Sears Tower the second the door busted wide open. Behind the gates was a see of red names, and standing at the front was a double layer of Black Orcs, Chosen, and Blackguards. See, this is what happens when noone watches the postern doors. Everyone and their sister climbs inside for the amazing renown/exp/influence ticks they get when we run right though the choke point into the meat grinder of frontal AoEs. I sat back, and laid down as much AoE fire as I could, but we didn’t have the numbers to actually form a forward moving line to combat their defense. I believe they had the first row of tanks useing hold the line, and the row behind useing their cone attacks. An incredibly smart tactic, that really just destroyed our vastly outnumbered force.

After the humiliating defeat at Ghrond’s, I logged off for a bit to eat some dinner and hang with the wife. When I logged back on, I saw that the situation for Order hadn’t truely improved, even a little. We had gone from owning everything, to having two remaining keeps. I showed up in time to be destroyed by the regiment of Witch elves guarding the postern at Gnol Baraz (?) in Black Fire Pass. [Protip: Learn to guard the posterns Order!] In any matter, we all high-tailed it Thickmuck in the Badlands, as this was the only target remaining for the seemingly unstopable force of Destruction.

Ahh, Thickmuck. I’ve always hated Greenskin zones, and you are the pentultimate example of why that is (I like to leave room for the unknown). Imagine a big donut. That’s about the equivelant of what this place is. A giant ring sitting in the middle of a depression. All the concepts of defenseability were thrown out the window when the developers created this place, which might of been the intention given the aggressive nature of greenskins. No matter why, it makes for an incredibly depressing last stand when fighting for that last shred of dignity.

So, I stood on the ramparts, bow in hand, waiting for the tide to spill over our walls. Eventually, I got a tad bored and did laps around the keep on the ramparts, I guess the enemy forces wanted to sweep up the rest of Black Fire Pass and claim the Objectives as well. A funny thing happened while they did this though, word got out, and our forces at Thickmuck almost doubled. Eventually, Destruction did show up, and put down a ram to batter our door. Now, as a bit of insight on this keep, it sucks. I hate it, in case you haven’t noticed, and one more reason is the ridiculous positioning you have to get to hit the attackers from over the door. I fell off three times trying to inch forward to a spot I could target the ram, until I gave up and went to a different place all together on the ramparts. Back to the action though, in time, the tide broke down the front door, but I guess enough of us learned from their tactics at the Bloody Fields of Ghrond, that we were able to employ said tactics ourselves. We did so with less finesse (and success) but it was enough to put a real hurting on the force that first came through the outer wall. Once again, I got to employ my Exploding Arrows + Rapid Fire combo that I loved so much, and just saw yellow numbers pop up all over the place in their back lines. I swear, when I hit 40, I’m going path of scout, it’s just way too nasty. So, the tide broke without so much as tasting the inner the keep, and I decided to log off for the night.

It’s been a lot of fun with this character, but I will say, being outnumbered like that, really really sucks. The thing that sucks more though, not guarding the postern doors!


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