Hell Hath no Hatred…

I know, I know, it’s supposed to be ‘fury’, but I love alliteration, and can never pass up an oportunity to use it when I have the chance. A long weekend of watching my family members running the Disney Marathon kept me out of the game, and boy was my Shadow Warrior angry. I was really hopping to get to level 30, but plans of mice and men, and all that. So, she’s sitting at a little over level 28 instead.

I haven’t really run many “mid-level” PQ’s all the way through. When the game first launced, there were tons of people doing the PQs in tier 1, and then with my capped character on destruction side, we were doing lots of PQs when locking down zones, so I kind of had a donut of PQ experience, a giant hole in the middle. Last night changed that up a bit though. I got to do one of the “Hard 9+” Empire Chapter 14 PQs. It took place in the graveyard. Maybe I just got lucky, maybe the designers felt inspired by the middle tiers, who knows, but this was probably the best PQ I’ve been in to-date.

This PQ starts off with the standard Stage 1 of ‘Kill 100 zombies’, we had a lot of DPS so, we burned through that stage pretty quickly. Stage 2 is where this experience really shined. There were carts full of corpses, with giant undulating clouds of pestilence hanging above them, and you had to torch each of them. After burning the putrid bodies to ashes, you had to sit around and destroy the hoardes of undead that clawed their way from the ground to assault whatever forces you have mustered up for defense. There are three carts total, and each time you set one ablaze, it required about 3 minutes of defense, and each defensive ended with two champions to kill. It was a very cool experience, and I really felt like I was playing a zombie shooter for a few minutes there, running arround, shooting arrows at anythign that suffled. The final stage was a fairly simple tank and spank of a hero mob, with a slight twist of spawning lots of nurglings to wreak havok on the rest of the group, but by this point, we had about 10 people and just burned him down faster than you can say “Vengence of Na-what?” Of course, I placed third on contribution and didn’t win even one of the 6 bags that dropped.


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