Paths of Mastery

So, I got to play for a bit last night, and made it to level 27, and RR 24 on Kahla. I’ve been playing her using the Path of the Skirmisher mastery line, and thought I’d give a go to the Path of Scout for a bit last night. It was terrible. Maybe from years of playing FPS or having always played melee characters, but sitting still for 3 seconds at a time to shoot an arrow felt like leaving myself wide open for others to pummle me into the ground. The mobility allowed from Skirmisher line is unparralleled in it’s diversity. I imagine that Scout would be great for keep defense, as you can sit behind ramparts and unload large shots from vast distances, but for scenarios, open field PvP, and pretty much everything else you can think about OTHER than keep defense, I can’t see Path of the Scout being that great.

Oh and Mythic, fix the bug that tells me “Invalid Target” when I try to use Spiral Fletched Arrows on the keep door in conjunction with the Split Arrows tactic. Please. Pretty please.


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