A Fresh Start

I’ve been playing WAR since late closed BETA. I’ve got a Disciple to level 40, and a Blackguard at level 27. I’m in an amazing guild, and really don’t want to leave them. Sadly, I really don’t want to fight with Destruction anymore. So, I’m starting over anew, and going with a class I always really wanted to play, and toyed with on the side some.I’m going to learn the ways of the Shadow Warriors. I have a level 26 mistress of the bow, that I want to start practicing the art of pin-cushion construction with.

But perhaps, I should give an introduction. My name is Andrew, and I love WAR. I’ve been playing since late closed beta. I actually participated in a blog that a guildie had started up, but it quickly faded into nothing as the partner faded away. Nihlus, if you’re out there, send me a message!

For me, this blog is going to be my attempt to see things from the other side, and relate it to anyone who may be interested. I’m hoping that my experiences in game can be properly translated into this medium. I’ll also be talking about the game and gaming in general, with possible sojourns into unrelated topics. It’s a blog, it’s my rules. I make no promises on frequency of updates at this time, I’ll wait and see how things work out. In the interim, welcome, and enjoy.


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Making serious business out of internet spaceships.

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